Danny Nevill is a multi-award winning entrepreneur. Business owner and supporter of charitable organisations. Danny is well known throughout the UK particularly within the digital marketing sector with a sizeable and successful digital marketing company; Universal Web Design.

Danny also owns businesses such as:

  • Nexus Networking

An exclusive members only business network whereby business owners meet over; breakfast lunch or dinner, once per week or month dependent upon the location or format and pass business to one another. The main benefits are shared support and advice, connections, joint venture opportunities, referrals and recommendations, speaking opportunities, business training, social events and supporting local charitable causes. 

  • Nevill Media 

An online training provider that specialises in the delivery of digital marketing related online training. Business owners, marketing managers, marketing professionals, those in education and or others simply who want to learn how to build their own website through to dominating the internet, wanting to learn the latest tips, tricks, strategies and techniques to create designs that engage, content to entice, adverts to drive and websites that sell. All for a nominal monthly fee. With hundreds of members, Nevill Media is a great place to learn online.

  • Nevill Developments

A property development company with opportunities for investors to fund projects or developments on a one time or ongoing basis, this is the ideal opportunity for the cash rich investor, angel, venture capitalist or fund manager looking to invest into a relatively safe asset class that offers consistently great returns on investment. Whether you are looking to invest £2 Million or £10 Million then Nevill Developments is a great investment opportunity for you.